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"A central premise of US media coverage of the Israeli attack on Gaza - beyond the claim that Israel is justifiably “defending itself” - is that this is some endless conflict between two foreign entitles, and Americans can simply sit by helplessly and lament the tragedy of it all. The reality is precisely the opposite: Israeli aggression is possible only because of direct, affirmative, unstinting US diplomatic, financial and military support for Israel and everything it does. This self-flattering depiction of the US as uninvolved, neutral party is the worst media fiction since TV news personalities covered the Arab Spring by pretending that the US is and long has been on the side of the heroic democratic protesters, rather than the key force that spent decades propping up the tyrannies they were fighting."

- Glenn Greenwald, "Stop pretending the US is an uninvolved, helpless party in the Israeli assault of Gaza" (2012)

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Gustav Klimt - Portrait of a Young Woman (1896-7)


Gustav Klimt - Portrait of a Young Woman (1896-7)

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A Review of ‘Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody’


Porn’s hypocritical taboo makes it easy for us to ignore a big aspect of our sexuality, an aspect that becomes more autonomous the more it’s removed from the public sphere. That’s no good, and certainly no fun, so here’s the Snow White porn “parody,” treated like any other movie.

Scientists Studied the Brains of Social Justice Activists, and Here's What They Found

Remember that time you chained yourself to a tree in college to prevent “the man” from cutting it down? Contrary to what you tell yourself now (something about being pulled into young activist drama?), you may have been acting rationally.

People who are more sensitive to the ideas of fairness and equity are driven by logic, not emotion, according to a recent University of Chicago study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

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there are a lot of things worth laughing about here, but the biggest one is the fact that this study was published by uchicago

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10 LITERALLY INCREDIBLE Facts About ‘The Lion King’ To BLOW YOUR FUCKING MINDHOLE On Its 20th Anniversary!!


I love the hate this is getting.

still laughing at the jeremy irons joke

#'working' from home today


the older I get, the more I understand squidwards anger

also the longer i stay in LA

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i applied for a new credit card and i’m preeettttyyy excited about capital one’s customization options

i applied for a new credit card and i’m preeettttyyy excited about capital one’s customization options

Why Did AMC Decide to Break Mad Men Season 7 Into 2 Halves? | Vulture

why i$ anyone a$king this que$tion

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Stunning photos of tears under a microscope vary by emotion

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cool, but where are the “i finished watching brokeback mountain 20 minutes ago” tears?

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